Sunday, April 10, 2005

A lot of hours went into these babies.

So here's what I've been up to:

The black cardigan, (which looks tons better in person! And not nearly as chubby on me! It really looks fantastic!) was the easiest garment to knit you can imagine. I got the pattern from the book Teen Knitting Club, by Wenger, Abrams and Lasher. I highly recommend this book to any beginning knitter. All the projects are classy and nifty and EASY. I finished this cardigan in three days and didn't get confused once. It would look better if I had used better yarn..I used Caron Natura or something like that,100% awful acrylic from the D&K Store, 63 cents a skein, on size 13 needles....I figured since it was my first attempt at knitting a sweater I'd keep it cheap. It actually feels pretty good and I'm very happy with it. I'll be making more.

But not as happy as I am with my Salon Capelet!! I bought the Interweave Knits Crochet magazine from Ebay and this capelet turned out even better than I expected. It also looks a lot better in person..the drape is so beautiful! I used recycled cotton yarn and a G hook, and left off the popcorns....but I love this capelet. Now I just want to find the perfect pin to keep it closed with. It took me roughly eight hours of work.

The strawberry bag is a copy of a knitted one on Craftster, which didn't turn out as nicely as the original, but I still like it. I feel extremely...whimsical. The pattern really isn't a pattern at's just the same as all my other know, crochet in the round. Same thing.

The scarf is from a knitalong, the idea is that you tie together all your bits of scrap yarn and make something out of your resulting mutant yarn monster ball. I am very very pleased with mine, except that it curls like a mother, despite my best blocking efforts, so I essentially have a tube scarf. But it's pretty. Very Pretty.

Currently I'm practicing knitting embossed leaf squares, and working on an extremely vintage round knitted pillow for a friend. It's from a booklet I got from Ebay...wait til you see this thing. It doesn't get more 70's than this....

So do you like my stuff? =)


AngelSan said...

These are great projects ! I particularly like the strawberry bag, so original !

picadella said...

I love the salon capelet!! I bought the Interweave Knits crochet mag a month ago and have been dying to make it! It looks fantastic. I dig that you left off the popcorns. That's it! It's my next project!

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