Saturday, May 21, 2005

Should I? No, I shouldn't..should I?

I want to, very badly, so I'm going to....

I got in to Stitch'n'Bitch.

I feel very bad about this. Oh, I'm happy, stunned, mostly incredulous, but it's just that there are SO many incredible people out there who raced to design something WAY COOL, submitted, lived in a state of adrenaline panic for months, and then didn't make it.

I just sent off what I had and forgot about it, utterly convinced I'd never get in.

And then the clouds parted on my inbox and I was, in fact, in. So here I am wanting to shout it to the metaphorical skies of Craftster, and in actuality only telling my MOM. The only other person I know who's spilled the beans is Keridiana at Pink Sheep (CONGRATULATIONS, dear!!!)....anybody else?

I've been looking at the rejected patterns and let me tell you, this book is going to be the Rolling Stone of fibre arts if THESE patterns didn't make the cut. My Gosh.

So now I have to have a sample sent in by June 1. Eeek.

While this whole thing I haven't really accepted yet, (I secretly believe I'm hallucinating...Brown Sheep yarn? In MY mailbox? No, no, silly rabbit, Brown Sheep is for...well..not you.) I DID find a gigantic pile of 70's needlecraft magazines for ten cents each at a yard sale this weekend. I'll try to scan some of the awfullest designs and send them to Stitchy. There's some extemely cool stuff too, and I'd love to trade or lend out anything you'd like...if there's any kind of pattern from 1964-1974 that you're looking for, I probably have it. I even have the one for the knitted face ski masks! You know, the ones that bring the words, "serial killer" instantly to mind?

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Schmeebot's Rabbit...

...kicks some serious bunny butt. I just knitted one up with this (Intensely Ugly olive color) wool yarn I got at Salvation Army today, and felted him up, and now he's sitting with me as I type. I think hers is made on dpns, but I managed to sort of knit it straight and do a seam up the back. I love this guy! Pictures tomorrow.

Check the original out:

Thursday, May 12, 2005

I gots me a bunny

Bunny bunny bunny.

I love Francesca! The shelter told me she's an Angora mix, but it must be some kind of Abnormal Fluff mix...she's hilarious. She looks like a Lhasa Apso dog. She has a "certain 'sod you' independence of mind.." as Terry Pratchett would say. She knows what she wants, and it's lots of play time and not to be in her cage unless she puts herself there. And bring on the spinach, and Don't Brush Me!
She's a handful, but I wanted a puppy and that would be worse. Besides, she's adorable. She runs around me in circles five or six times when she passes me. It must be some rabbit cult practice.
Brushing, though....she has all these mats in her fur, and I want to get them out, but the minute I pull her fur at all she's off. She doesn't like scissors either. So grooming is a gradual process....

In knitting news, I knitted a green rectangle and made a shrug out of it!

EDIT: Pam says she wants to know how to make the shrug, so here's the link to the tutorial...I didn't come up with it, but this lovely lady even drew pictures! I just made the sleeve part of her shrug jacket. Check it!

Pay no attention to the lint.

It's a green.

Francesca the English Angora. I adopted her from a bunny shelter. Drop spindle, here I come!

My brand new bunny!

Thursday, May 05, 2005

So what's all this then?

Green hat: The Professional hat pattern by Emily Nelson, pattern:

I used green Bernat Ultrasoft cotton. Very nifty pattern!

The shawl is for my mom. I'm calling it the art shawl..because I modeled it after the weavings she did in college. I like it a lot, but I do wonder if it's possible to look good while modeling a far, no. I used US 17 needles and two colors of worsted weight yarn. Most of it's garter stitch but I did a yo, ktog section here and there. I like big needles..this only took me an evening and a morning.

The snail was inspired by Missa's spiral keychain.

It really is a lot better than big ol' chunky ones that leave imprints in your hip.

White lacy hat is based on a disco hat pattern from a library book, but then it sort of wandered off into whatever lacey-type thing I felt like doing. With a flower on it!

I used thin white cotton and a G hook.

The stripey scarf is just a long length of garter stitch but it's my favorite thing I've made in weeks! I am just in love with it!

As for Bobbles...WELL, let me tell YOU....if I hadn't been so excited to see how it turned out, I would have given up halfway through. Knitted bobbles are tricksy business. The only way to make it work is to knit your 5 stitches in one very very loosely. Whew. I'm going to knit some more stockinette, then make him into a pillow and put a stocking full of balsam pine needles in there. Very comforting.

I sound so dull on this blog! I really am an English major, I swear! I just tend to be somnambulistic when I post. And I'm not even sure that's a real word. And you never, ever start sentences with And....but this is a blog about needlework. Not grammar. So Diana Hacker can overlook it, I'm sure.

The Professional hat. With Ruffles.


How does one pose in a shawl?

Snail keychain, comfy in pockets!

I Love my knitted stripey. I wear it Everywhere.

Lacy cotton crochet hat.

Here is my Bobbles sheep..
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