Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Yarn Up for Trade!

Hey everybody!

Sorry no pictures yet, I think my camera cable is lost in my junk pile currently.

I've got a bunch of wool yarn left over from a project that I'd love to trade with someone. I've got 2 skeins Brown Sheep Naturespun in Impasse Yellow (think mustard color), 4 of ditto in Lullaby (light yellow), one skein of Cascade 220 pink and one of ditto in grey. All new unused skeins...I don't want them because I dislike yellow and can't imagine what I will ever make out of them, since wool sometimes gives me hives.
Anybody want 'em? I'll split them up if you only want one or something.

I like yarn (dur),I'd prefer non-acrylic but if you've got something cool I wouldn't mind..I'm also hankering for a cable needle, a stitch holder or two and some double-pointed needles.

Email me at thelibrarian18@yahoo.com.

I made a bunch of cool stuff, I just have to find my cable and post..I made a crocheted shawl from a 70's granny square pattern..it's called Pretty Posies and must be seen to be believed.

I also made a little short-sleeved red knitted shrug that I designed myself.

What else? Gosh, I forget. I know I made a lot of stuff....
I guess it was mostly sewing! Sumemr tops and whatnot.

I ordered the yarn for the Leaf Sweater by Teva Durham. Well, I ordered Lion Brand Shetland Wool, actually, I'm hoping it works okay, but I'm generally good at adjusting for gauge. We'll see!

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