Sunday, July 03, 2005

High School Closure

Before I tell you what I've been making, I have to tell whoever's reading about this. My rare life content.

My roommate Brittany, whom I graduated with, convinced me to go to the Fourth of July carnival in my hometown for the beer tent last night. She said a lot of our classmates would be there. I was scared but she talked me into it, and get this-of the twenty or so of my graduating class that we ran into, only ONE GUY remembered my name, and most of them didn't even remember me AT ALL. I told them that was because I only turned off my invisibility force field after I got to college.

I hated high school, but now I have closure, because all the guys who were mean to me hit on me something fierce, as well as a few of the mean girl's boyfriends. Ah, it was lovely to turn them down. This is shallow, I know. But it felt So, So, Good to have every guy at that carnival fall all over himself when I walked by, when they used to step on me and not even apologize. Plus, the one young lady who made it her personal mission to make me cry every day, because it was funny, was there with her new fiance, (who is possessed of a marvelous redneck accent and has the word BULL tattooed across the back of his head)and she has gained a good 50 pounds due to the birth of her new son. She still has not attended a day of college. However, she seems happy and I really do hope she gets lots of joy out her chosen life path. But I do feel happy and proud that I chose the one that I did, and that she did not break me. I survived!

So! I finished a really pretty knitted stole in a basket stitch and green homespun, a little granny square tank top, and I'm starting the Leaf Lace Sweater as soon as I end off here. Pictures tomorrow. Life is good.

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Jennifa said...

I know how you feel...although not a high school guy, the first time a "popular" guy thought I was hot, I nearly screamed with glee.

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