Monday, July 10, 2006

Mmmmm, cake!

I put new stuff in my Etsy.Go see! Here's a teaser:

Also, I don't know how many artists read this blog, but I'm looking for someone to collaborate with who can do a nice sketch of a red fox? Know anyone who wants a small commission? Leave a comment!


Ananda Daydream said...

*waves* HI! It's Melissa. I was bored and stalked out people on facebook today and found you! I'm hanging around town working for a year, so I'm still here.. What's the sketch for? :)

Merrick said...

so I love your blog I read it all the time though I don't actually leave comments because I used to be on Livejournal. Anyhoo I'm on blogger now which I LOVE keep up the work and I am adding you as a link k?

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