Saturday, January 15, 2005


I think the reason some of my projects moulder in the basket, half-done, is because I never really wanted to do them in the first place...just felt like I was supposed to be designing something. Well. No more of that.
I got a halter top from that Groovy Crochet site done, although I added a few more squares at the bottom and I'm wearing a tube top under it. I am not currently daring enough to wear it bare.

And I made myself a new scarf. My old one, a big old Light and Lofty thing, was fast becoming a raggy cat hair attractor. So I picked the stitch out of the Vogue Dictionary of Crochet Stitches (weird how they don't give them names..I'd call it the Tangle Shell), made up the flowers myself, and made a random loopy edging. I wanted more flowers, but ran out of the pink. It's an enchanted forest sort of thing, and perhaps will counteract the rest of winter.

I also got into my very very first swap on Craftster. We're making mobiles! So I've got to design some creatures for that...mail-out is Jan 31, so it'll be ready soon.

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Anonymous said...

the halter and the scarf are both really pretty. excellent work!


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