Thursday, January 27, 2005

The Mysterious De-Stash

Back when I had money, I bought yarn almost every day. Now, I've started five projects in the last week and had to frog them because I ran out of yarn. That is the most frustrating thing. I've tried to make the Open Fan Cardigan from the Interweave magazine twice, and no luck-I even ripped out a poncho for the yarn. I can't wait to have spending money again! Where did all the yarn go? I had baskets of it, waiting to be played with, and suddenly there's just a few big rolls of nasty Red Heart, and tiny little balls too small for anything but flowers-and I've gpt plenty of flowers.
The weather here in Fredonia is, as my darling Michael puts it-"an icy tundra." The wind howls between the buildings and it is amazing how many layers of clothing it can disregard-a "lazy wind"- doesn't bother to blow around you, goes right through instead. I've tried making four different hats and nothing keeps it out!
Still, I'm on the edge of a few different things being done, and I'll have pictures and patterns up...I tried making a tiny crocheted kitten, and it's the first time I've ever been stumped. I'll give it one more shot.
Remember if you're looking for something I made, it'll be on the free patterns page-black button at the bottom.

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