Wednesday, February 09, 2005

A Beautiful Swatch

I did it! I decided to give knitting one more try with some orange cotton yarn I just got in a swap; and just like in the StitchnBitch book, it was suddenly clear and easy. I have a little swatch of 1/1 ribbing, I can increase, decrease, knit and purl. This is very good, because if it's true that crochet uses up more yarn than knit,I was going to be running out of yarn every other week. It also opens up a whole new world of patterns. My first two projects will be:

And these lovely rabbits, which is a pattern for sale, but looks too difficult for me now; so I might try to make a crochet version.

I swore I'd never, ever make a potholder. Ever. Then I got a new apartment and I......need potholders.....and it would be against my morals to buy what I could make here are the ones I'm going to design:




They will all be in happy shades of red and yellow, as un-tacky as it is possible for a potholder to be.

Which isn't very.

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