Tuesday, February 22, 2005

I'm Almost Ashamed

I have so many finished objects that I wonder where I found the time to do it all. I have to admit it's because I end up spending about three hours a week on homework, as opposed to ten on yarn. But I do spend eight hours a day AT school, so presumably some education is osmosing into me. I haven't missed any assignments or classes or anything. So my projects, which I think I will post pictures of as they get finished rather than all at once, start with the Brave New Bra Top from he Interweave Knits Crochet issue, which bears the stigmata of being the only pattern I've ever actually bought. Wow. And, ironically, it is also a pattern I wouldn't recommend to anyone who doesn't already design clothing for a living (in which case you could make something more glorious anyway, so why bother?). This thing looks so smooth and cute in the picture, but when I finished it and put it on, it looked like I
stored about six walnuts in each bra cup for kicks. Lumpy? I looked deformed. The elephant boobitis syndrome. SO I sewed a dart up the middle of each cup. I haven't tried it on yet, but I really hope it helps...it was a lot of work, and I think a lot more difficult than it had to be. It was like the designer went to any lengths to avoid cutting and reattaching yarn, and sometimes you just have to break down and do that.

I'm also doing the Hug Shrug from Magknits, and I was absolutely stumped on my first two tries--I know how to do ribbing, and it wasn't working with the decreases. So I'm skipping the ribbing, using larger needles, and just doing it in stockinette. I'm using brown brushed acrylic, which I got a huge bag of from Ebay for $7. Mixed colors and I can pretend it's wool! I can if I want!*wipes tear*

Moulin Rouge corset: Almost done. Like four rows of crochet shells away. So that pattern I will put up as soon as I'm done, and it will be my very first knit crochet combo.
On that note, are all you crocheters mad at me for defecting to knitting? =) Hardly anyone comments any more. I swear I still like crocheting better! It's just that I had so many crocheted toys around that I wanted to try something else, and after long searching decided that crochet just isn't the best for clothing, because it doesn't stretch. So I'm just using knitting to make clothes.

My next big idea is actually going to be crochet--I want to try shrines. A pair of them, Fire and Water. I want to use all my Red Heart and free form to make them, and the Fire one will have my clay sculpture of Ganesha in it, (although I want to try crocheting him too)a sun, dandelions and books. The Water one will have a tree on each side of it, and a crocheted dryad inside.

I was sketching out my ideas for all this in Environmental biology this morning, because the teacher was talking about population and it was really getting to me. She said that if the human population continues to grow at the rate it is now, in 35 years the earth will have more people on it than it can actually support with its resources.So what are we supposed to do about that? Be like China and tell people they can't have families? Euthanasia? There doesn't seem to be a
solution here, at least not one I can accept. I felt like I had to do something to reaffirm that every human being is valuable and deserves a chance to exist...and the shrines will do that. Somehow. I can't explain it. Art for art's sake, I guess.
If anyone's reading this, (and I know you are) please tell what you think about this. It's really bothering me.

On a more cheerful subject, my brother made me a web button, so if you want to link to me, you can use it! It's at the bottom of the page..and that's a lucky cat in the corner, if you can't tell. It's so small, it's a little fuzzy.


noricum said...

I have no problems with you doing both... I plan to learn knitting one of these days. ;) Really, there's nothing to be ashamed of... some things work better knit, and some things work better crochet, and the rest it doesn't matter.

I've just been a lazy commenter lately. I still haven't made your frogs... I've been meaning to, though. I just haven't had the time. :(

About the overpopulation thing... I try to live my life responsibly (not producing a lot of waste, or loads of kids), but I also realize that my own life is the only one I have control over. I sometimes get down over all the stuff going on in the world... then I try to figure out what I *can* do that will make a difference, however small. It's the best I can do, but I do my best. I think that's the only way we can live our lives.


Kari said...

I enjoy reading your blog, mostly don't comment as I read it through bloglines and sometimes I get to lazy to actually open the blog in a new window (horrible I know) I am a beginning knitter (as in learning the stitches still)although crochet is and will always be my first love. As for the population thing, I don't think there will be an answer that will appease everyone. Many years ago in America big families were a must as you needed the help on the farm to grow your food and such. Now I don't think we (most ppl) need that many kids. However I think alot of people still have that big family mentality. We as humans need to realize that the world itself cannot always change to accomidate us, sometimes WE have to change to accomidate the Earth. Unfortunatly, it's a lesson not easily learned.

Tere said...

Hi there!
This is my first time visiting your blog and I really like it. I'm a knitter myself, and I've never been to a crocheter's (sp? sorry) blog--its interesting to hear about the dissonance you seem to be feeling in regards to learning to knit :) I wouldn't worry about it; I don't think its an issue of loyalty, but an inevitable urge all we craftsters get to keep learning. And there is nothing wrong with learning :)

About the over population issue, I have to agree with your professor, sorry! I understand that for most, having children is the ultimate experience in life. Also for some religious groups it is deemed almost essential. Although I accept this, I have to say that it does bother me that these people would forego common sense in order to fulfill some religious doctrine (that was created long ago when we did not have an over population issue). Its a matter of being responsible, and recognizing that we do not live in the world the bible (or whatever other book) was created for.
You're probably going to hate me for saying this, but I am also pro-choice, again, because the issue is not black or white, there is a middle ground; in some cases we need to look at the whole picture.
Thanks for asking for opinions on this issue, and again, I hope I did not offed you and your blog is really great. I have a blog too, if you ever want to check it out: tereknits.chriscockcroft.com/

Tere :)

Shannon Aileen said...

Wow, thanks, girls..I don't feel so alone now! =)
Thanks for the viewpoints, especially. Oh, Tere, I am the least easily offended person in the world. I don't like the idea of abortion much (I'd prefer the use of birth control in the first place...) but it is in no way my place to tell people how to live their lives. I won't be the one raising their child alone and going through an unwanted pregnancy, now will I? So it's not my business. And you're right, we have to do something...and it occured to me that even though it's not the ideal situation, if there had to be a law about restricting people from having kids, there are plenty of homeless children out there who need love, and there will never be a shortage of children to take into our lives--we just have to be big enough to let go of our desire for a genetic duplicate. So it's not so bad. Thanks, everyone!

DAWN said...

Don't appolagize for learning to knit! I think it's great. They both are great crafts and if I had someone who could hands on teach me to knit, don't think I wouldn't go for it. Some of the fashions in these mags that are knit only make me want to cry cause I want to make them so badly! You go for it, girl and be proud that you can do both!!


Tiffany said...

Hi there! I wish I could remember now where I saw them, but there have been studies recently that have rebuked the overpopulation argument. Slowly, the population seems to be evening out.

I completely know what you mean about devoting more time that you should to crafts over homework! I am very guilty of it myself. :)

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