Saturday, May 21, 2005

Should I? No, I shouldn't..should I?

I want to, very badly, so I'm going to....

I got in to Stitch'n'Bitch.

I feel very bad about this. Oh, I'm happy, stunned, mostly incredulous, but it's just that there are SO many incredible people out there who raced to design something WAY COOL, submitted, lived in a state of adrenaline panic for months, and then didn't make it.

I just sent off what I had and forgot about it, utterly convinced I'd never get in.

And then the clouds parted on my inbox and I was, in fact, in. So here I am wanting to shout it to the metaphorical skies of Craftster, and in actuality only telling my MOM. The only other person I know who's spilled the beans is Keridiana at Pink Sheep (CONGRATULATIONS, dear!!!)....anybody else?

I've been looking at the rejected patterns and let me tell you, this book is going to be the Rolling Stone of fibre arts if THESE patterns didn't make the cut. My Gosh.

So now I have to have a sample sent in by June 1. Eeek.

While this whole thing I haven't really accepted yet, (I secretly believe I'm hallucinating...Brown Sheep yarn? In MY mailbox? No, no, silly rabbit, Brown Sheep is for...well..not you.) I DID find a gigantic pile of 70's needlecraft magazines for ten cents each at a yard sale this weekend. I'll try to scan some of the awfullest designs and send them to Stitchy. There's some extemely cool stuff too, and I'd love to trade or lend out anything you'd like...if there's any kind of pattern from 1964-1974 that you're looking for, I probably have it. I even have the one for the knitted face ski masks! You know, the ones that bring the words, "serial killer" instantly to mind?


Keridiana said...

As you can see, I've kinda kept my mouth shut too. They've been on a huge momentum of discussing getting together and publishing on their own -- I almost feel like I'd be raining on their parade! And we can't tell them which one got in anyways, so it wouldn't satisfy their curiousity about "why not me? why you?" I'm sure though if we were to post it, they would be really nice about it. I think I'll give it a little more time - coz i'm a bit chicken!

pam said...

What StitchNBitch?? There's another book coming???


christine said...

Whatever you crazy beeeyotches! Hang 'em high! So you made it in! You are allowed some gloating my babies! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!
I can't wait to see the book! Even though I haven't learned how to really crochet yet, I am so buying this book when it comes out! And I want autographed copies!!!!! Whoohoo!

Keridiana said...

Shannon, I emailed the pttn on Sunday and sent the sample on Monday. In my email I said that was my timeline and she didn't seem at all perturbed. I had kinda assumed she meant send by 6/8, not necessarily received by 6/8. Besides, I'm sure she also gave us an earlier deadline than was absolutely necessary. The fact is she may even email us back and ask us to do some changes to it once she sees it. I think, anyway. I had to totally rework the top part of my thing and that took DAYS of frogging and redoing. Omg. I almost threw up yarn. But we're done for now! Woo hoo! Writing the bio was fun, right?

stefani said...


Keridiana said...

Been tagged yet? Book meme -- see my site!

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