Thursday, May 12, 2005

I gots me a bunny

Bunny bunny bunny.

I love Francesca! The shelter told me she's an Angora mix, but it must be some kind of Abnormal Fluff mix...she's hilarious. She looks like a Lhasa Apso dog. She has a "certain 'sod you' independence of mind.." as Terry Pratchett would say. She knows what she wants, and it's lots of play time and not to be in her cage unless she puts herself there. And bring on the spinach, and Don't Brush Me!
She's a handful, but I wanted a puppy and that would be worse. Besides, she's adorable. She runs around me in circles five or six times when she passes me. It must be some rabbit cult practice.
Brushing, though....she has all these mats in her fur, and I want to get them out, but the minute I pull her fur at all she's off. She doesn't like scissors either. So grooming is a gradual process....

In knitting news, I knitted a green rectangle and made a shrug out of it!

EDIT: Pam says she wants to know how to make the shrug, so here's the link to the tutorial...I didn't come up with it, but this lovely lady even drew pictures! I just made the sleeve part of her shrug jacket. Check it!


Keridiana said...

Ohmygoodness - I LOOOOVE Terry Pratchett!

pam said...

I need to know how you made that shrug! I want a shrug but all the patterns I've seen I haven't liked! I just want a simple one dammit!

Your bunny is soooo pretty. I want one.

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