Thursday, September 01, 2005

I've Founded A Stitch 'N Bitch!

I did it! I put in my paperwork at the Student Association, I got a table at my college Activities Night, and EIGHTY people signed up! Six of them were male! I was completely overwhelmed. People would walk by, do a double take at my sign with the giant red ball of yarn on it, and rush squealing over to me, where they gasped,

"Is it okay that I can only knit scarves? Can I still join?"

I must have heard that twenty times; another big one was,

"If I come will you teach me how to -------(insert craft here)?"

Now I've never taught anyone to knit or crochet, but I can give it a shot, and I know there are at least a dozen or so people coming who already know how....the coolest thing is the range of personalities! We have members of the Intervarsity Christian Club, sororities, people with neon hair and piercings, freshman and seniors, every imaginable kind of person....the first guy to sign up apparently does not knit or crochet, but SEWS, and wants to come and sew. Fine with me! I wonder what he sews? All the other guys shuffingly confided that their grandmothers taught them to crochet when they were little. How cute is that?

So this is all very exciting and overwhelming...I think I will have to ask them to bring their own yarn and needles. Duh.

Realistically, they won't all come, what with scheduling conflicts and what not, so it shouldbe pretty manageable. But oh my gosh! EIGHTY people!!!!!

One girl said to me, "I'm not very good..all I make is afghans."

I may never have the courage to attempt an afghan, and she thinks she's not very good!....this is going to be so much fun!


Kari said...

YAY You!!!
Congrats and have fun!

Jen said...

Just some advice from another college student in a Knitting & Crochet Club. Even if you tell them to, not everyone will bring their own supplies. Make sure you take some scrap yarn and that somebody has some cheap hooks/needles that they can use (that way if somebody doesn't give them back, it's not a huge deal). You can make knitting needles out of dowel rods (just use a pencil sharpener on one end, sand it, then put baby oil on it). We had our first meeting of the semester on Sunday, and this is the first year we had a booth at the Activity Fair, and we had a MASSIVE amount of people who didn't know how to do ANYTHING show up, so the first meeting was just teaching new-comers. Good luck and have fun!

Ilana said...

Hi, I'm Ilana, the afghan girl. You don't understand how absolutely excited I am for Stitch 'N Bitch! I could probably get extra needles and yarn (from back home -- we have lots). If you want any help, don't hesitate to ask. I'm so excited!

Jewels said...

Wow - that is so cool, all different kinds of personalities and people with knitting only as the first common bond!

Anonymous said...

i'm working on your buddha pattern right now and i'm having some trouble on the tricky part- round 13. if you could give me some advice that would be great.

Avian Flight said...

OMG I was actually thinking of starting such a club at my university just last semester! Then reality kicked in and I realize I don't have enough time, energy, or skills to do so. Good luck and have fun!

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