Thursday, September 29, 2005

Meditations on Round 13

Somebody Anonymous asked for some help on the Buddha pattern. Let's see, round 13 says:

Rnd 13. Now this is the tricky part. Insert hook in Rnd 11 and pull up a loop, sc in same stitch. Continue sc around in Rnd 11. Rnd 12 will be left inside. Join, ch 1.

What you are doing here is making a tuck in his neck so that his head sits on top of his body as if it was sewn on. You've done rows 11 and 12; you are now going BACK to round 11, as if you had never done row 12, and picking up stitches all the way around row 11 to form row 13. Row 12 will now be hidden inside his neck, forming a cute round face. Row 12 is made, then ignored. Row 13 is formed on row 11. Does that help?

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