Thursday, February 02, 2006

I'm going into business!

I just opened my own Etsy shop! I've been working on a project I haven't talked about at all, wait til you see! I've been perfecting it for awhile. I had this toy deer when I was little, one of those vintage ones with the hugely disproportionate head and eyes. You know,the ones that should be really ugly but actually are so cute that they cause grown women to spew forth language usually associated with newborn human beings. My deer has long since degenerated into a pile of sawdust filling and rags, so I've been working on a pattern and producing a new generation of deer for all of you. I've decided that the purpose of the Etsy shop is not to make money (although it would be nice) but to provide a way for me to create all the pretty things I want to without having to worry about whether I can use it, have room for it, etc. I can make anything I like, and then it can go live somewhere else. I will be putting items in the store tomorrow, so go have a peek!You will die of cuteness.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your Etsy store!

Reese said...
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Reese said...

congrats on the store! when will you list something?

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