Saturday, May 13, 2006

Help me name my cat!

The new love of my life is this furry gentleman here.

It's about a year since my little kitty Cricket passed away in suspicious circumstances, and today I adopted this guy from a local shelter. He was there because his owner tragically passed away due to cancer. Most of the cats there have been abandoned, but at least he had a legitimate reason for being there. He had my heart from first purr. He's a big guy,seven years old, and oh so juicy and squeezable. This is his shelter picture-I found him on Give me a few days and his pictures will be looking much happier and showing off his gorgeous fur. He bears the unlikely moniker of Scramece. I have never even heard of this word. Could it be some kind of Italian or Yiddish slang? Current contenders for his new name are Chester and Rufus...any other suggestions? What does he look like to you?


Ana Banana said...

I vote for Chester.


He looks sophisticated. I'm thinking Rufus sounds good. Or maybe Joseph?

Jewels said...

Definitely a finicky Morris!!

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