Monday, May 29, 2006

Hey, look! Crochet!

A little strawberry amigurumi I made up...he is so cute he makes me barf cotton candy.

It's nothin' the round:
F hook, baby yarn.

ch2, 4 sc in 2nd ch from hook.

2 sc in each sc.

2 sc in first sc, 1 sc in next sc.

Continue like that , doing one more sc between increases until it's big enough, (I did it until 4) then sc even til you want to start decreasing, and start with 4 sc between decreases.


Ch6, join to form a ring. In ring, ch2, dc, tr with a picot on top, dc, ch 2, sl st in ring.Do that 5 times.

I used I-cord for his appendages, which is made with double pointed knitting needles.

I also have a couple new bags in my Etsy shop. I used the Jordy bag technique for the lining and the square bottoms....I am so in love with the peach. i didn't use a pattern for the bag..there are lots of cabled bags out there, but if you really love this particular one, let me know and I'll post a pattern for it.

This is a square-bottomed knitted bag in red acrylic, fully lined with sturdy fabric, a crocheted button flap, a bodacious cable running down the middle and a cute little owl friend in the corner!

Knit in white acrylic yarn and fully lined with vintage fabric. It is 8"x7" and has a bodacious cable running down the middle, a sturdy crocheted button flap, and the Lucky Wings tag on the inside.It has a square bottom. The best part is Miss Georgia Peach hanging out in the corner!

Oh, and the whole point I was posting was to show you a picture of my cat...I ended up calling him Bowie. Because I love David Bowie, and one of the most important things about names is that you have to enjoy saying them. There's a staaaaarcat, sleeping on the couch.....he is such a lover. Every morning at about seven he wakes me up licking my face. He eats like a bird, which worries me, so I got him special food for older cats. I hope he gains weight soon, I can feel his bones under all that fur...and naturally he likes canned food best. He'll eat a whole teaspoon of that at a time. I'm used to cats who gobble like tomorrow isn't coming...

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